Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Muddy Boots and Happy Hearts

Every month Debbi over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration has been putting together a "Cold Case". These cases are designed to help you resurrect some of the older product that you have floating around in your stash of goodies. This case is an optional one, but this month I decided to try to tackle it.

Here's the Case File and a closer look at the inspiration photo from this Cold Case. The scene from our whimsical April Cold Case is by Marie Desbons.

Here's a few Product Clues to help get you started :

Find older papers that match the colors
I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of bicycle embellishments and I’d love the opportunity to use them.
Use some of your old butterfly accents.
Remember when swirls were all the rage? Use them.
Surely you have a ton of flowers. Use them. Or use an old floral print.
Here’s an old brand to use: K&Co.
Use corrugated paper.
Use older stamps you haven’t ever used or haven’t used in a while.
Magic number is 27—grab the 27th paper or embellishment pack (or something else) in your stash and start there.
Use a die you haven’t ever used or haven’t used in a while.
Use layered embellishments, e.g., Jolee’s stickers.

And some design ideas to help you create :

Fussy cut an old floral paper and use them in a new way.
Stamp in the background.
Put something upside down for a touch of whimsy.
Create a frame for your page using embellishments.
Create a little basket or envelope or pocket and tuck some of your embellishments in there.
Embellish fussy cut flowers with brads or beads or gems, etc.
Embellish a cut file with flowers or fussy-cut flowers or other shapes.

And here's what I created :

So this page is 12x24, and I made it for a fellow scrapbooker turned professional photographer. She is also Mom to these three littles, and doesn't have a lot of time for crafty goodness right now. I loved these photos when I saw them on Facebook, so I asked her if I could use them for this layout since the colours reminded me of the colours in the inspiration photo. She said YES!! and I was so happy to be able to create this for her.

Here's how I solved this case :

I didn't use any of the product clues, because none of the product on this layout is old. In fact all of the product here is from the last 2 Vicki Boutin releases. She is definitely one of my favorite designers and her last 2 releases have been so much fun! I did use the "Stamp in the background" design clue prompt though.

The following things about the photo also inspired this layout :

the 3 birds in the photo inspired the birds on the layout
the spokes on the wheel inspired the stamping
the circles inspired the dot paper

Here's some closeups of this page :

This is the left hand bottom corner. Here you can see the stenciled texture paste I made the background with. This is also the oops on this layout. Others have said that the colour within the newest VB stencils had come off onto their projects, but I wasn't quite sure that I believed them. Well, they were right and the green of the stencil came off. However, the colour actually matched my paper choices quite well and I decided to not redo the stenciling. To make this cluster, I cut the chipboard piece and arrow in half. I added a piece from another chipboard on top, and placed the arrow on either side of this. A little heart sticker and final chipboard circle completed the look here.

Here's the top left corner. I'd seen others using the banner sticker and ephemera pieces, but I don't really use them much myself. However, I really like how they turned out here. I'll probably do this again! I also really loved the bird stickers that came with the VB Kaleidoscope collection - they are so cute and colourful! Some heart stickers and a chipboard camera gave just the right finishing touch.

A closer look at my title work. In order to make it look like I wanted it too, I had to pop up the letter "t". I really love the way this turned out!

A closer look at the journaling. Here also you can see the stamping in the background from the design clues. I love how the enamel dots finish off the stamped circles perfectly.

And finally, a closer look at my favorite bird of the collection! At first I didn't think that he would work because of all the purple, but then I noticed that one of the girls has purple boots, so then he fit just right!

Thanks for popping by and checking out my page today, I can't wait to see what you create with this case!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Loved (Period).

I'm back again with the first case file from CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration for April. It's starting to feel a bit more like spring every day here in Ontario, and I'm glad for it. Winters are long and dark here, and I am SO VERY READY for more sunshine and warmer, longer days.

Let's take a look at Case #278!!

Here's the Freestyle Case Prompts:

And the Tradtional Case File and Clues:


Solid cardstock
Map print
Circle patterns
Plane, other travel accents
Triangles, circle
Eyeglasses/ sunglasses
Google eyes
Negative shapes
Drip something
Embellishments that relate to technology or science
Create an interactive/ moving element


Topic: Document something related to technology.
Prompt Idea: Google “random word generator” and use one of those to spark an idea.
Presentation: Use a circular journaling spot.
Writing Format: Create a bulleted list.
Inspiration Words: travel, advance, key


208197.169 – beige
188.74.133 – a purple between magenta and mulberry
99.173.156 – turquoise
252.254.253 – white
58.55.50 - black

And here's what I made with it!

Recently my oldest daughter and her boyfriend broke up, so I made this page for her as an encouragement while she works through her grief about it. Breaking up is really hard to do, and I feel terrible that there's not much I can do to help her as she walks through it.

Here's how I solved this case:


All of the colours are there.


Solid cardstock
Circle patterns (pink solid paper under the photo)
Triangles, circles
Drip something (black and blue drips on the right side of the page)
Create an interactive/moving element (my journaling spots)


The PRESENTATION prompt helped this time, however my spots are NOT circular, just the pull outs are.


One of my spots is a tag which says:

You are brave, fearless, bold and strong

And the other is a quote which reads:

no one is going to love you exactly as you imagine.
no one is ever going to read your mind and take every star from the sky at the perfect time and hand it to you.
no one is going to show up at your door on a horse, with a shoe you lost.

do you understand?

that’s why you have to love yourself enough, so that any other love just adds more candles to the cake you’ve already iced.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Here's some closeups of my page:

This is the background BEFORE I added all the pretty stuff to it. I LOVE how it turned out! I apologize for the terrible cell phone photo. I have got to remember to take pictures while I'm creating!

Here's the steps I used to create this :

First, I made the black and teal blue watercolour drips. After they dried I then used a heart stencil to dry brush teal blue art crayon. Then I laid another script stencil on top of the heart stencil and dry brushed the black art crayon over that. After that, I flicked some black, magenta, and teal blue watercolour over the whole thing. All of the art crayon, and stencils from these steps are from Vicki Boutin. As a final step, I grabbed a third stencil, and used my palette knife to push some texture paste through it. Those 2 products are from Tim Holtz.

From the bottom of the layout looking up.

A closer look at the top right corner.

Revealing the hidden journaling spots!!

And a closer look at the card with the quote. I used a clear enamel dot on the black tab as a play on the word "period" for the title of the page.

And finally, a closer look at the bottom right hand side of the page.

This month, we have nine generous sponsors. Click HERE to read more about our sponsors and the prizes they are donating. Winners will be selected randomly from all of our players, with a few exceptions where sponsors have asked us to choose from certain geographic regions. Head on over to our CSI Scrapbook Challenge Page for more details and to participate!

Thanks for popping by today - I can't wait to see what you've created!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Layout Round Up!!

I've fallen off the blogging wagon, but I swear, today I'm catching up and jumping back on.

I'm not really sure what happened - but I guess if I'm very honest, it's just pure laziness. Creating a blog post takes me about an hour, and sometimes (especially lately) I just don't feel like it. I think I might have to make my posts shorter, just for the time being, to help myself get back into the swing of things. So today I'm going to be sharing 4 layouts, all at once!

First up, for February CSI Case #273 (this case is closed), LOVE LOVE LOVE You

Here's the Freestyle Case File :

And the tradtional Case File Clues :

And here's what I made with it!

I ADORE how this turned out - in fact I have it over my computer right now in my scrap room.

The EVIDENCE CLUES I used were : Paint, Wreath, Wood, Flowers, Ribbon, Hearts, Valentines themed elements, Metal & Distressing.

The TESTIMONY I used were : TOPIC & the INSPIRATION WORD Valentine

All of the colours are there, with the addition of a large amount of gold. The circle was inspired by Vicki Boutin's new premade mixed media backgounds.

Here's how I did it:

I used this brush and gold glaze on Vicki Boutin Foundations paper.

I painted around the bigger lid first just straight from the jar of glaze, no water added. I did this quickly, not really caring too much about it being even or fully covering the white background. Next, I put the smaller lid inside the first circle, and painted around that, making the circle a little wider. Under the patterned papers there is no glaze, so it looks a little like a donut, if that makes sense.

Then I made some grey watercolor using this crayon and painted it over the gold glaze circle after it was dry. It filled in the white spaces left by the brush strokes and I used it as the grey colour in the combo.

Here's a few extra closeups :

Next up, for CSI Case #275 - Create Play, BE Happy

Here's the Freestyle Case File :

And the Traditional Case File Clues :

And here's what I made with it!

The EVIDENCE CLUES I used were : Floral Pattern Stripes, Polka Dots, Washi tape, Frames, Watercolour, Scissors, and Something that requires electricity (I used my heat gun to dry my layers of watercolour)

The TESTIMONY I used were : The TOPIC clue and the INSPIRATION WORD Joy.

All of the colours are there, and I had fun creating a small watercolour background with the pink, yellow and green colours of the combo.

I was also inspired by THIS pin - the twine tied straws inspired my own paper rolls.

Here's a few closeups of this layout :

Next up, CSI Case #276 - Summer Flowers

Here's the Freestyle Case File :

And the Tradtional Case File and Clues :

And here's what I made with it!

The EVIDENCE CLUES I used were : Dots, Gingham, Stripes, Ribbon and bows, Patchwork & Diecuts.

The TESTIMONY CLUES I used were : The TOPIC clue and the INSPIRATION WORD adorable.

All of the colours are there, just slightly less bright than the provided palette, which I found suited the era (1970's) of the photos better.

Here's a few closeups of this page :

And finally, a page made for a sketch challenge over on the Vicki Boutin Community Page.

Here's the sketch :

And here's my layout :

I had so much fun making this! Right now this is my very favorite colour combo and the photo is of me and one of my very favorite people. I really, really love how this turned out! Here's a few closeups:

Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog today!
I hope you'll join us over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration - we have some great prizes being offered by our super March sponsors!

I can't wait to see what you create with these cases!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

You Are Pulchritudinous

Hello again on yet another snowy, wintery day here in Southern Ontario! We are under a Winter Storm warning again and it looks like a nasty one. All of the buses were cancelled in my area again, I think we are on Snow Day 9 or 10 since January now? I've lost count honestly. If this keeps up, tomorrow might be another one!

Let's talk about something nicer - CSI has a new "Cold Case" up! A Cold Case is something new we started last month and it's meant to be a bonus challenge for those who want to try to resurrect some of their old stash. You don’t have to only use old stuff, but try to make your older stuff prominent.

I'll admit it for this case, I didn't really use much of anything that was "old", except for the title rubons and stickers & a few Basic Grey buttons that I've had in my stash for a while now. But I just LOVED the inspiration photo so let's get into Case #274.

Here's the Freestyle Prompts :

And a closer look at the inspiration image, which comes from Claudia Tremblay.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this photo!! Isn't she beautiful??

Since there's no "tradtional" clue sets or colour scheme to go along with this image, here's some more prompts to help you get started :


Find older papers that match the palette.
Find older papers that have a winter theme.
Use buttons—lots of them.
Use ribbons.
Dig out some of those old flowers and use them.
Remember when owls were a trend? Surely you have some in your stash—use one! Sassafras Lass used to have them on their papers. Use some old Sass paper, even some without owls.
Use the older Webster’s Pages papers with the floral designs.
Use feathers.
Use mulberry paper.
18 is the magic number—grab the 18th paper or embellishment pack (or something else) in your stash and start there.


Grab some of your mixed media stuff you haven’t ever used (or haven’t used in a while) and use it on the background.
Use a stencil you haven’t used and add paint to your texture paste.
Create a wreath as the base of your design.
Use a red floral paper on the bottom half of your page.
Stamp in the background.

And here's what I created with this case:

This is my oldest daughter and I wanted to create something for her this time around. But I have no recent pictures of her, so I went snooping on her Facebook and Instagram and stole these ones. On the largest picture, I noticed that her boyfriend used the title word in describing her, so I decided to use it as the title of the page.

Here's how I solved the case:


From the image I chose to use the following colours :

Green (from the leaves in her hair)
Red (well, it turned out more pink in the end, from her dress)
White (from the owl)
Yellow (from her buttons)
Black (a good neutral)
Peach (from the top of the skyline)




I recently started trying out some more mixed media on my pages and started there with this idea. I follow Vicki Boutin and one of her design team members Nathalie is very inspiring. She made a layout called "Reason to Smile" which I love, and she made a process video explaining how she made her layout. So, I watched the video while I was making this layout, pausing it after she explained each step so I didn't miss anything.

Here's the video :

Doesn't Nathalie make amazing art?

As always, here's a closer look at my layout :

I spent quite a bit of time fussy cutting these flowers out of my patterned papers - one from Vicki Boutins Field Notes, and the other from Pinkfresh - Holiday Vibes collection. The Pinkfresh paper came in my SCT Sampler December 2019 kit. There's also a diecut or two from Vicki Boutins collection in there. Then I added LOTS of pop dots, a few yellow feathers and some petals from one burgundy paper flower. I wish I could say that there was a method here, but I really just kept adding until it looked right. Since I'm fussy, this took me quite a bit of time, plus I may or may not have walked away in frustration a time or two..... In the end, I LOVE how this came out. The buttons, ribbon, enamel dots and tiny Martha Stewart plastic flowers finished this corner perfectly.

Here's a look from the bottom of the layout up. I used the same process in this corner as I did in the upper left, just on a smaller scale.

And finally, this is a closer look at a little of the background work. I stenciled with gesso, and then watercoloured over it. In hindsight I wish that I had of flicked more of my colours onto the bottom half of the layout. It just seems kind of bare and less interesting. Something to correct the next time I make a mixed media page.

And, just in case you were wondering here's the definition of "Pulchritudinous" :

To create the title on this page, I used rub on letters on velum and then cut it out. There was a long end left after I finished, so I chose to roll it up slightly, rather than cut it off. I think it adds the perfect little "something" on that side of the layout.

As in the past, we will continue to have many wonderful sponsors! This month, we have six generous sponsors, but we will be adding more as we acquire more sponsors. Click HERE to read more about our sponsors and the prizes they are donating. Winners will be selected randomly from all of our players, with a few exceptions where sponsors have asked us to choose from certain geographic regions.

We've moved our sharing over to Facebook! And new for this month, there's going to be separate albums for each Case, making inspiration even easier to find! Head on over to our CSI Scrapbook Challenge Page for more details and to participate!

Thanks for popping by today - I can't wait to see what you've created!!