Friday, June 1, 2018

He Loves You - CSI Case #255

Hello June!! I'm glad to see you! June marks the beginning of the end for me every year - I have only 18 work days left before summer vacation rolls around, and I just can't wait for 10 weeks of un-scheduled life! This time of the year is a busy one at my company - the end of school year bus trips and sporting events are in full swing right now.

June also means a new case is up over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration! And, even though it has both pink AND purple in it, I really enjoyed creating with this combo.

Here's the freestyle case prompts for this case:

And the tradtional colour scheme and clues:


solid white background
donut (or other food accents)
decorative border
seal or other animal
stars/starburst/ asterisk
texture paste
heat embossing
people embellishments
mimic the sprinkles on the donuts


Topic: Document something about food or a meal.
Prompt Idea: Get inspired at Three Word Wednesday (inspired by the 3 donuts in the air). Be sure to scroll down or use the archives to get the words.
Presentation: Add your journaling to a circular journaling spot or tag.
Writing Format: Write a haiku (inspired by the 3 donuts in the air).
Inspiration Words: sparkle, playful, juggle


86.144.158 – teal
185.226.212 – pale turquoise
255.255.255 – bright white
211.149.174 – pinkish purple
90.75.108 – dark violet

And here's what I made with it!

These fun pictures of my oldest daughter and her boyfriend were taken by a friend of hers and I just loved them! Inspired by the word playful I thought of these pictures right away, and then that led to wanting to document for her how we feel about their relationship.

Here's how I solved this case :


I used 4 of the 5 colours this time. I really wanted to use these papers that came in my SCT Sampler kit because I loved them so much. In particular, I really loved the hummingbird paper. So I added in a bit of red to match the middles of the flowers on that pattern. I loved the little puffy bird sticker that was also in the kit, so that's how I ended up adding in the yellow title letters. I tried to get the dark purple to fit in but in the end, it didn't work out, so I chose to leave it out. I may or may not have a bird obsession.....


Solid White Background
Ribbons & Bows
Decorative Border
Seal or other Animal (my bird)


I used the Words list this time - "Playful" inspired the photo selection which in turn inspired the journaling.

Journaling :

He Loves You

and though you haven’t come right out and said it,
i think you love him too.
a respectful, calm, caring guy who already loves Jesus?
honestly, we couldn’t be happier with your choice.
and, while we’re still not 100% sure where this relationship will go,
we do know that we would love him to be part of our family someday.
i’m so glad you’ve found someone that knows how to love you so well.
i hope you continue to allow him to do just that.

Here's some closeups:

Here's those awesome title letters and that beautiful bird! The letters are from Freckled Fawn & I love how perfectly thin they are. They were easier to apply than I thought, and a little puffy as well. The bird is from Crate Paper. Isn't he beautiful?? I loved his colours so much! While hard to see, I added 3 tiny rhinestone jewels to his wing.

This is the little cluster at the top of the page. The photos themselves are popped up, so I used it as an oppurtuity to layer up my stickers as well. The "LOVE" tab is on the background, but the stamped blue tab is on the photo itself. Also making up this little cluster are 2 heart stickers, a wooden asterisk topped with a clear rhinestone, and some staples.

And finally, this is the little cluster on the right hand side of the photo strip. My sister cut me a bunch of clear acetate shapes with her Cricut and I thought that it would be fun to add one here. A few more stickers, 2 more wooden asterisks, another rhinestone, some pom pom trim and a silver elastic trim finish this little spot off.

This month we have 15 sponsors that have donated prizes for you to win - but you can't win if you don't play!

I hope you'll join us - I can't wait to see how you solve this case!!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bicycle Memories - CSI # 253

Hello Spring!!! I think she's finally come to stay, and I am so very glad!

So that makes it fitting then, since it's finally spring, that May is Creative Beginnings month, and we have a new case up over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration!! I loved how the photo made me feel like creating!

Here's the freestyle case prompt :

And, the traditional case file clues :


solid background
solid cardstock
wonky dots
textured paper
die cuts/cut files
hand cutting
washi tape
jar/vase shape
hand-drawn elements
combine colorful patterns with a black and white pattern


Topic: Document something about your creative hobby.
Prompt Idea: Choose a prompt from Paperclipping.
Presentation: Handwrite your journaling.
Writing Format: Write a list.
Inspiration Words: beginnings, creative, piece


6.43.95 – navy blue
91.202.195 – turquoise
256.251.246 – white
254.173.58 – marigold
137.166.47 – pear green

And, here's what I made with it :

I went and checked out the post from Paperclipping this time to get some ideas for this page, and one of the prompts triggered some memories about bike riding when I was a kid. So I made this page to document those stories.

Here's how I solved this case :


All the colours are there, with the addition of a little bit of red. The red was inspired by the little touches of it in the photo, as well as finding the little red bicycle chipboard piece in my stash. That led to using this school picture of myself at age 5, wearing my little red dress.


Solid Cardstock
Solid Background
Textured paper (hard to see but the dark blue background paper is textured)
Washi tape (black and white hounds tooth)
Colourful and black and white patterns combined
Scallops (fuzzy trim at the top)
Wonky dots


I used the Prompt Idea this time. Prompt #39 from the Paperclipping link was Tell about your Bicycle Experiences.


WHEN I think hard about it, I can remember two very distinct things about riding bikes when I was a small girl.
First, when I still had my training wheels on my bike, every time it rained, the driveway at my parents’ home would have tons of mud puddles in it - some much, MUCH deeper than the others. We used to park our bikes over the deep puddles and pedal really hard!! Since the back wheel was not touching the bottom of the puddle, the spray of water off the back wheel was fantastic!! We ALWAYS ended up dirty and wet which drove my Mom crazy, but we had SO much fun.

And second, one day we were all riding our bikes down my parents’ road. On either side of the road were rather deep, swampy ditches. For whatever reason on that day, I forgot how to use my brakes and ended up driving right into the ditch. I don’t really remember going in, or getting out but I do remember my Dad helping me AND that awful smell!!!!!! I also remember crying on the step at home, too embarrassed to go into the house and get cleaned up. Riding bikes - such bittersweet childhood memories for me!

April 2018

And, as always, here's some closeups of my page.

Here's a little closer look at my title work. I recently took a class on mixed media with Vicki Boutin. She has a new line of products out and I was inspired by that class to try stenciling my title chipboard word this time. I like the way it turned out.

This is the stamping on the tag - you can see how it didn't quite come out totally neat until the last phrase. I'm learning to embrace my "happy mistakes"; in fact, I'm kind of liking the messiness of it! Also here you can see a new product that I found while shopping the marketplace at Scrapfest - matte enamel dots! They were the perfect colour for this page.

So, the little book under the typewriter is where I hid my journaling. This little metal bike is on the first "page" right underneath the typewriter. There really wasn't a reason for this, other than I really wanted to use this bike, but couldn't find another place that I felt it looked ok on the page. It just competed with the red chipboard bike too much.

And, finally, here's the journaling "page". The little card is really an inset for pocket scrapbooking. I was given a bunch of pieces from someone who had too many, and once in awhile I add them to a layout. The "so funny" tab at the top prompted me to use this one for my journaling.

I hope you'll join us over at CSI this month!
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Monday, April 16, 2018


Hello friends!!

I swear I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've only just moved. That's right - back in January, my husband and I packed up half our house to get it on the market. Unfortunately, that included ALL OF MY SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES. That's right, ALL. OF. THEM.

Can we talk about withdrawals?? Whew!

At any rate, the good news is, that the house sold really quick (for over asking price, AND in one week!! *gasp*) and now that I'm settled in, I can get back to it! In our new house, I have a whole ROOM to scrapbook in - no kidding!! It's all set up with built - in storage and desk and everything! When I get it fully organised, I'll post some photos here. For now, it's been a bit like Christmas around here, finding all my supplies again.

So, let's start things off with BEAUTIFUL case #252 from CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration. Yellow and grey are still some of my favorite colours! Here's the freestyle case file prompts :

And here's the traditional case file clues :


diamond pattern
text pattern
washi tape
light bulb/lamps
use the alphabet as a design element
dry embossing
puffy stickers


Topic: Document something about your home.
Prompt Idea: Get inspired by a word at Sunday Scribblings
Presentation: Put your journaling in a frame.
Writing Format: Write a numbered list.
Inspiration Words: fun, shine, edge


219.213.65 – yellow with a touch of green
248.240.141 – light yellow
253.255.251 – white
224.224.224 – light gray
59.59.59 - black

And, here's what I made with it:

Since we recently moved, I wanted to document it in a simple way. While it wasn't my first pick of a home back when we bought it 16 years ago, over time I really loved living in this little house on that great street. If life hadn't gone the way it did over the last year, we'd probably still be there today. However the move was made for a really good reason, and though I'll miss it, this house is now my home. It'll take some time to really make ours, but I'm up for the challenge!

Here's how I solved the case:


All the colours are there, with the addition of a little bit of orange to make the little bird make more sense.


Stripes (in the black and white heart)
Dots (in the gold washi tape and the grey patterned paper)
Triangles (in the gold washi tape)
Puffy stickers (small yellow heart on the house)
Washi Tape


I used the Topic prompt for this page - "Document something about your home"


So many memories were made here.
Goodbye little green house.
I loved every minute of our time here.

Here's some close ups of my page:

This photo shows the title work a little closer. It also shows all those great shiny gold accents! I'm still loving adding a little gold to my layouts. The number 16 is for how many years we lived in that house. I used a little foam tape to pop up the word "home", and the grey polka dot strip of patterned paper.

This is just a quick look at the top left side of the layout. I really loved this patterned paper and it's slightly distressed feel. I wanted to keep the bit that looked like scotch tape but felt it neeed more, so added in a little chipboard piece and a metal clip to make a "group" of three.

And finally a little closeup of the journaling. I don't usually like my handwriting, and you can see that I messed up my black lines in TWO places, but I knew that I wanted this journaling to look like this, so I just did it and I'm ok with the result.

I hope you'll come join us over at CSI this month!
There's tons of prizes to be won, thanks to our awesome sponsors! Check them out here below!

Thanks for popping by and checking out my page today!
I can't wait to see your creations!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Hello Again! I'm back with another beautiful case from CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration!!

Here's the Freestyle Casefile Prompts :

Here's the traditional colour palette :

And the traditional clues to help solve this case :

THE SCHEME (RBG codes for the palette above)

255.255.255 – bright white
129.192.199 – sky blue
125.121.73 – olive green
205.193.139 – mushroom beige
150.62.60 – muted brick red


Solid white background
Swiss dots
Floral pattern
Text print
Teacups, teapots
Border punch
Text/script stamp
Playing cards
Monograms/fancy letters
Stick pin

TESTIMONY (Journaling ideas)

Topic: Document a childhood memory
Prompt Idea: Choose a prompt from these random ideas.
Presentation: Write your journaling on a tag and attach it to something.
Writing Format: Write in the form of an invitation.
Inspiration Words: crazy, curiosity, wonder

And here's what I made with it :

Back in 2014, my husband and I were going to take our kids to see A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Stratford Festival. Then we heard from a friend that that play's particular interpretation might not be so child friendly, so we switched our tickets to go see Alice instead. We were very glad we did!

Here's how I solved the case :


All the colours are there with the addition of a tiny tiny bit of pink and a lot of black.


Swiss Dots
Teacups, Teapot
Playing cards


Here's where I strayed a bit from the traditional clues. I was inspired by the SUBJECT of the photo, rather than any of the prompts, but if I think about it I guess I am documenting a childhood memory for my children.


In the summer of 2014, Richard and I planned to take the kids to see the play A Midsummers Night’s Dream at the Stratford Festival. One of their favorite characters at the time was Puck, so we thought it would be fitting. When we were told by a friend that maybe this interpretation of the play wasn’t so kid-friendly so we changed our tickets to see Alice Through the Looking Glass instead.

We were not disappointed. From the audience participation & jelly bean toss, to the awesome actors on stage, we loved it all! Since then, we’ve taken the kids to see a Stratford play almost every year.

This play also started the tradition of buying a fabric filled glass ball keepsake Christmas ornament. The one we bought has scraps of fabrics from costumes of the extra “Alice’s”.

While these photos aren’t perfect, being taken in a dimly lit theatre with a cell phone, they help to remind us of fun family times together.

July 2014

Usually I have some closeups, but today I don't. Instead here's a few details on the creation of the page :

I made the word "Alice" of my title in WordArt and fussy cut it to add the the page. When I do this, I use the RBG codes to get the colours just right. The rest of the title was cut from one of the playbills that we brought home.

The folder on the left hand side of the page was created using this technique that I found on Pinterest. It's holding the playbill from the show and also our tickets. The clocks on the background of the left side is a very old ColorCore cardstock - remember that product line??

The stickers and the tall Alice are actually a from a card kit that I bought at the Festival specifically to make a page about our time there.

I hope you'll join us in solving this great case!! If you participate and link up your page over at the CSI blog, you'll be eligible to win some great prizes from our *12* awesome sponsors! If you don't have a blog you can link from Facebook as well! Don't forget to tell us what inspired you to create!!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

A Brand New Year, A Brand New CSI

Welcome 2018 - I'm glad to see you!!

A new year, a new month means a new case over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration is up and ready to solve!!

Here's the traditional colour palette & photo inspiration - I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this palette! You'll find the traditional clues down at the bottom of the post for Case #245.

And here's the brand new freestyle case file prompts :

And here's what I made with it :

This page is for my husband. About a year ago, I saw a lovely George Eliot quote on Facebook and saved it. Recently, when it came up in my memories, it reminded me that he has been so amazing with and for me these past four months, holding me up and letting me do what I need to do. He takes all my short temper flareups in stride, knowing that it's not him that I'm upset at and it makes me love him all the more.

Here's how I solved this case using the traditional case file evidence clues & testimony:


All the colours are there.


Woodgrain (triangle pieces & title letters)
Polka dots (velum)
String (in two places - under the badge and tied around the picture)


I chose the January Writing Prompt for this one, using Prompt #17 - "A quote that inspires you".

Here's the quote :

“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having to neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” George Eliot

While looking up some more information on George Eliot, I learned that that was actually a pen name for a woman named Mary Anne Evans. She has an interesting life story. If you'd like to learn more about her, you can go here to her Wikipedia page.

Here's a couple of closeups of my page:

I printed the photo twice and layered them together, popping the top one up. My mini stapler, tearing and some string added some interesting textural elements to it.
I added some folded velum to the bottom of the layout.
The winter scene used in the case inspired the pom pom trim, since it reminds me of snowballs.
I've always loved the way that swirled thread looks on layouts, so I did that here under the badge that says "I love you".
The distressed paper clue inspired me to add some more texture to my blue polka dot paper by crumpling it and then smoothing it out, and then I used my border punch on the end before adding it the layout.

I hope you'll join us in solving this case. If you do, you'll be eligible for some great prizes from our fantastic sponsors!

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