Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Still Here.....

just not too much to say lately.

I am working.
I am driving children from place to place.
I am trying to keep the house somewhat decent.
I am saying goodbye to long-time friends as they move 3 provinces away.
I am finished with the school's fund raising auction for another year. (YAY!!!)
I am sharing my love of all things scrappy with others.
I am trying to make it to the gym regularly.

I am going for a nap.
But first, I'll share something scrappy.

This is my oldest daughter. This LO was made for CCG #180. I wanted to let her know that she doesn't need to wear makeup or high heels to be beautiful, she's beautiful just the way she is. The lyrics (without the swear words) from Pink's song "Perfect" just fit perfectly. Then, today on Stephanie's blog, I followed THIS link, and realized that all the fighting that we are doing right now about what she wears (or doesn't wear) will all be worth it in the end.

Have a fantastic day!