Saturday, February 28, 2009


a new job on Monday. I'm back to driving a school bus route again; not really what I wanted, but I think it will work out OK. It's only 1 hour a day, so it doesn't interfere with our regular routine too much. It will be good to use my licence again, since it costs so much to renew it! I'm a wee bit nervous though, having not driven a regular route since Erica was born four years ago, plus I've never driven a route that goes to more than one school like this one does. On Monday I'll have another driver with me for both runs - after that I'm sure it'll all be good.

I have a few more LO's to share tonight - this one I did for combo #111 over on the Color Combos Galore site. I've been scrapping some of my family's heritage photos lately; these are of my mother at age one :

And these two using the fab March kit from Sweet Pea Scraps. There's some really cute springy patterns and colours in this months kit! I noticed that the sneak peek for April is already up as well!!

We didn't get the storm on Friday that we were supposed to - thank goodness. It's just really super COLD!! Everyone I talk to is ready for winter to be over, just like me. Today I noticed that it was still pretty light out at 5:30pm, so the days are getting longer. Spring should be right around the corner!!

Otherwise things around here are pretty good - just busy as always!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


like winter is never going to end and I'm sick of it. The kids are driving me crazy and I'm starting to feel cooped up. I think the February blahs are kicking in. At least there is sunshine today, but we're supposed to get another big storm again on Friday. Yuck sums it up in one word.

On an up note, my March kit finally arrived today & I'll pick it up from the depot later. I'm excited to start playing and printed off a bunch of pictures last night. Ahhhh, the smell of new papers......only another scrapbooker would understand!! =D

I've been a little low in scrapbooking mojo again lately, but managed to finish this LO for the Colour Combos Galore blog :

This LO is me and my siblings with our new SIL at their wedding last May; it's part of the album that I'm making Mike & Krissy as a gift. I'm really hoping that it will be done by their first anniversary!!

Have a great day all!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Here.....

and still busy!!!

The kids and I spent about 2.5 hours in Emerg with Erica last week Thursday evening - it turns out that she has a lovely ear infection. So, now it's penicillin 3x a day for the next little bit - and she hates the taste of it. Sigh.

Friday ended up being another snow day - and it was a good thing - the weather was terrible!! Even hubby didn't make it to work because they closed the highway down. I thought we were finally getting rid of winter......

I'm back on the school's Auction committee this year, doing all the computer work. It's one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for our school, and it's also the funnest!!! I really did enjoy my time on the committee last year, so I'm starting to look forward to it, although when the head of the committee first asked, I was not going to do it; I was going to stay off any committee for the rest of the year. ;D

I'm still waiting for my March Sweet Pea Scraps kit to arrive - I'm expecting it today or tomorrow at the latest. Can't wait to get my hands on those lovely papers!!

My brother Jon called to say that he and his girlfriend are tying the knot this summer in Halifax! So I'm thinking about going just by myself. I've never been out East, so it would be interesting to visit. But, I still haven't made the final decision on that yet.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where Have I Been.....

here there and everywhere really...Whew, I've had another busy streak. I'd like to say that I feel like I accomplished something, but really it's just the same circle over and over.

Last week Monday morning I got a call at 6:30 in the morning to drive a school bus. Getting a call that early in the morning puts me all "in a flap" and just sets a stressed tone for the rest of the day. Thank goodness hubby had the day off work!! I did drive the run & I did like it - mostly. It was REALLY COLD!! Now I remember why I hated driving bus in the winter when I was doing it on a regular basis. Today I drove again, but only to get the kids to their electives and back to the school.

Yesterday was Family Day here in Ontario. The kids suprised us by fixing us breakfast....even the coffee. ;) Yum - nothing like cold toast first thing in the morning! But, as good parents should, we ate it anyways. Turns out that they were just trying to butter us up so they could ask to have pancakes for their own breakfast. Yep they got the pancakes!!

After the breakfast fiasco was finished, we took the kids bowling and then to the local museum. Admission to the museum was free and they had an exhibit from China that I really wanted to see. We had a good time, and got lots of pics, but today my leg and bottom are sore from bowling!!! Can you believe it? I gotta get out and exercise more!!! Who knew that you could hurt yourself while 5-pin BOWLING????!!!! This weekend hubby's coworkers have planned a night out & guess what?? They're going BOWLING!!! Ack - I'm hoping that my leg and bottom are better by then.....

I got the news that my girlfriend Janice had her baby boy this morning!! I'm so excited to see her wee one - I'm hoping sometime in March maybe. I love to smell new babies....=D

My high school is having a reunion this summer - I'm still thinking about whether or not I'm going to go. I want to wait until the itinerary for the weekend is finalized, then I'll make my decision. I'd love to see some of my old high school friends again though - thanks to Facebook I've reconnected with some that I haven't spoken to in years!! My friend Candice might be coming too, so I'm excited about that. She moved out west the summer before Grade 10 and I haven't seen her face to face since then, but we've kept in contact through letters, phone calls and now via email.

Boy - I've got to remember to update more often!!!
Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


snow day today. Or should I say a freezing rain day. This year is actually pretty good for snow days, we usually have about ten, but so far we've only had four. So another day home with the kids, and no work for me tonight. I'm on the fence as to how I feel about it - we'll see how the day goes.

ETA : I changed up the blog tonight just for Valentines Day. What'dya think? Cute or kinda silly?? I thought it looked ok!

The sneek peek for the March kit is up & I'm LOVING it!!! The papers are so pretty (in spite of the pink)! I've already planned a few pages out in my head - sad eh? =D

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turning into a Combo Queen.....

Recently, Jenn put out a DT call for her Etsy store & she asked if I would be a guest designer for the month of February. So, of course I said yes - 'cause her shop ROCKS (and Jenn's pretty cool, too ;D)!!!! I can't wait to see what the rest of her DT comes up with. Wonder of wonders, I also managed to fit in the Color Combo this week, AND I found a great sketch class over at Two Peas. So, I combined all three challenges into one page!!

This is Erica feeding the geese & ducks at the park last week Sunday. Not colours that I would normally put together, but after using them, I love them! I also love the way that Jenn's journaling tags and calenders look all layered up like that - I think I'll be trying that again!

On Monday I went to City Hall to pay my latest parking ticket. Yep, got another one on Saturday, but this one really hurt!! NEVER EVER park in front of a fire hydrant, it'll cost ya sixty bucks!!! (yep that's right - $60) Oh, I'm so MAD at myself!!! On an up note, I asked the person who took my payment if I could have the actual ticket back. Even though she's not supposed to let me have it, I got it and I think I might make a page about it that silly or what?? =D

Have a great night!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


can't believe this one!! Julie passed this on to me :

Isn't that sweet?? I guess the rules are that you're supposed to link up 5 blogs, and pass the award on. I'm sure that all of blogs that I'm mentioning here have been nominated before, but I'll bite :

1. Jenn - so I KNOW that she's been nominated before, (so you get off the hook for playing again Jenn) but I love going to Jenn's blog to read her posts. It's guaranteed that she'll use the word "Dude" or "Stellar" somewhere in each one. Plus she has a way cool Etsy shop that has such awesome stuff - it almost makes me want to write on a layout (almost...)!!!

2. Nicole - her pages just rock! I particularly love how she makes her own floral embellishments - they are so pretty!!

3. Abbie - love her work too! She makes layering look super easy - wish I could do that!

4. Jana - I want to be Jana when I grow seriously! Her LOs are always beautiful - she's so super talented!

Hmmm, what to put for #5?? Instead of linking another blog (*gasp*) I'm just going post the links for a few of my favorite challenge sites :

Have a great Sunday & why not challenge yourself today!!!!