Friday, April 24, 2009

A Quick Update.....

on the condition of my dining room.

Currently, it looks like this :

It's not really a whole lot different, but changes have been made. We have discovered that the previous owners dropped the ceiling by 1.5 feet. Hubby says that it's because it was easier to heat. I say if they bothered to put insulation in the walls, it would be way warmer too, but I digress. There is insulation now though, because my father in law and I did that on Wednesday. So, you may be asking yourself, how come hubby's not helping?? He's been at work. Trust me, with me and my FIL doing this, it's gone way faster than if I had to wait for him to get things done. Plus, I have gained a whole new set of skills!! The downside is that the house is a total write off and will remain that way until the drywalling is done. That job starts tomorrow. Oh yay, more dust. Thank goodness I'm not helping with that!! When we tore down the dropped ceiling, we found this awesome little piece of history :

Isn't it lovely?? I'm totally keeping that!! It will not be hanging a light fixture, but I'll find a place for it on my wall for sure!!

Have a great night!

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