Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another snow day.....


So grateful for this, as I am so very tired and slightly under the weather.

Not much new to report, we're still busy here.

Hubby and I have booked our weekend away & to get ready for it, I have started a new fitness regimen at the Y. I am going to be sore & tired for weeks. I am going to hate Ian (the person that helped me put my program together) by the end of it. But if all goes to plan, I'll look GOOD in the photos in April, and that's my main goal. I guess I should say that I want to get fit too.....but that would be a lie. =D

Have a great day.

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Nicole said...

Vivian just wait you'll get addicted to it and won't want to stop:) Drinks lots of water, it helps ease the muscle soreness a little.