Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Well, we're halfway through August and thst means that the newest CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration case is up and ready for you to solve!!

Here's a look at this fun case:

And here's the layout that I made with it!

In 2015, my husband and I planned a short getaway to this great place : Long Point Eco Adventures. Originally, I just wanted to go glamping, and that was it. But my husband, although he didn't come out and say it at the time really wanted to go ziplining. This girl?? Is terrified of heights. Like, pee your pants terrified. After much consideration and changing my mind about 5 times, I agreed to go with him and we booked our time. They offered a photo package, and we took them up on it if only to be able to prove to everyone that I actually did it!!

Here's how I solved the case :


All the colours are there, and they are the perfect combo for these photos!!


Clouds - on one of my wood circles, upper right hand side
Twine, Jute, String


I chose the "Document an Adventure" clue and also used the presentation "hang your journaling from string" clue as inspiration for my photo treatment on this layout.


In August of 2015, Richard and I decided to go on a little getaway. I’d been wanting to try glamping and so we settled on a little place called Long Point Eco Adventures near Turkey Point, Ontario.
What a beautiful place - so many things to do like kayaking, fishing, hiking, sailing, ziplining and they also have an observatory. Plus, a bonus for me, right across the road from the Burning Kiln Winery!
Now, some of those things appeal more to me than others, but a fear of heights makes the idea of ziplining scare me silly! At first I didn’t even want to try, but felt bad that Richard wouldn’t go without me. So, I bit the bullet, swallowed my fear and we booked our ziplining adventure.
Not going to lie, I was petrified to start. The worst zip was the one at the very beginning - that first step off the very safe, sturdy tower was huge for me! Richard was so much braver than I, and at one point he zipped across while laying down!!
Each time we zipped from platform to platform it got a little easier…and then we came to the first bridge. Which, unbeknownst to me, they rock a bit as you are going across. I just about lost it there. At the next bridge, they very kindly asked first if anyone wanted to cross instead of lean. I crossed.
The longest zipline was the one I liked the best. Not only because it was close to the end, but it also had the most beautiful view! I finally managed to convince myself to look around while zipping instead of just staring straight ahead.
The last platform could only be left by a 40 foot rappel - another fear that I had no choice but to face. A moment to be proud of for myself, as I did it, without too much hesitation. It helped that Richard went first and was waiting for me below.
Would I go again? Maybe…

Here's some closeups of my page:

I'm highlighting this photo because I think it's hilarious that they START your adventure taking your picture near this sign. See me hanging on for dear life there??? Also, to the left of the photo, you can just see how I looped my string through a tiny needle hole to hold it secure on the layout.

This is showing the embellishment cluster on the top right hand side of the page. I ended up keeping the embellishments to a minimum, since there were so many pictures to help tell the story.

And, finally a closeup of the title work. I love these foam letters from American Crafts - they look like a typewriter font but are also a bit swirly and fun.

One thing that I didn't take a photo of and should have, was the little tab at the top of the journaling block. I stamped it with my Studio Calico date stamp and it says "Kind of a Big Deal" - Fitting no?? I also used this stamp on the lower right hand side of the page to help document the date of the pictures.

Thanks for popping by and checking out my page today! I hope you'll join us in solving this fun case!!


Debbi Tehrani said...

Love this so much, Vivian! The stories and photos are just awesome, and I love all the perfect little details, like the way you hung the photos, that little tab on the side of your journaling, your title work! Perfect!

Debbi Tehrani said...

I hit enter too soon. I just love how much thought you put into your pages!