Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bicycle Memories - CSI # 253

Hello Spring!!! I think she's finally come to stay, and I am so very glad!

So that makes it fitting then, since it's finally spring, that May is Creative Beginnings month, and we have a new case up over at CSI : Color, Stories, Inspiration!! I loved how the photo made me feel like creating!

Here's the freestyle case prompt :

And, the traditional case file clues :


solid background
solid cardstock
wonky dots
textured paper
die cuts/cut files
hand cutting
washi tape
jar/vase shape
hand-drawn elements
combine colorful patterns with a black and white pattern


Topic: Document something about your creative hobby.
Prompt Idea: Choose a prompt from Paperclipping.
Presentation: Handwrite your journaling.
Writing Format: Write a list.
Inspiration Words: beginnings, creative, piece


6.43.95 – navy blue
91.202.195 – turquoise
256.251.246 – white
254.173.58 – marigold
137.166.47 – pear green

And, here's what I made with it :

I went and checked out the post from Paperclipping this time to get some ideas for this page, and one of the prompts triggered some memories about bike riding when I was a kid. So I made this page to document those stories.

Here's how I solved this case :


All the colours are there, with the addition of a little bit of red. The red was inspired by the little touches of it in the photo, as well as finding the little red bicycle chipboard piece in my stash. That led to using this school picture of myself at age 5, wearing my little red dress.


Solid Cardstock
Solid Background
Textured paper (hard to see but the dark blue background paper is textured)
Washi tape (black and white hounds tooth)
Colourful and black and white patterns combined
Scallops (fuzzy trim at the top)
Wonky dots


I used the Prompt Idea this time. Prompt #39 from the Paperclipping link was Tell about your Bicycle Experiences.


WHEN I think hard about it, I can remember two very distinct things about riding bikes when I was a small girl.
First, when I still had my training wheels on my bike, every time it rained, the driveway at my parents’ home would have tons of mud puddles in it - some much, MUCH deeper than the others. We used to park our bikes over the deep puddles and pedal really hard!! Since the back wheel was not touching the bottom of the puddle, the spray of water off the back wheel was fantastic!! We ALWAYS ended up dirty and wet which drove my Mom crazy, but we had SO much fun.

And second, one day we were all riding our bikes down my parents’ road. On either side of the road were rather deep, swampy ditches. For whatever reason on that day, I forgot how to use my brakes and ended up driving right into the ditch. I don’t really remember going in, or getting out but I do remember my Dad helping me AND that awful smell!!!!!! I also remember crying on the step at home, too embarrassed to go into the house and get cleaned up. Riding bikes - such bittersweet childhood memories for me!

April 2018

And, as always, here's some closeups of my page.

Here's a little closer look at my title work. I recently took a class on mixed media with Vicki Boutin. She has a new line of products out and I was inspired by that class to try stenciling my title chipboard word this time. I like the way it turned out.

This is the stamping on the tag - you can see how it didn't quite come out totally neat until the last phrase. I'm learning to embrace my "happy mistakes"; in fact, I'm kind of liking the messiness of it! Also here you can see a new product that I found while shopping the marketplace at Scrapfest - matte enamel dots! They were the perfect colour for this page.

So, the little book under the typewriter is where I hid my journaling. This little metal bike is on the first "page" right underneath the typewriter. There really wasn't a reason for this, other than I really wanted to use this bike, but couldn't find another place that I felt it looked ok on the page. It just competed with the red chipboard bike too much.

And, finally, here's the journaling "page". The little card is really an inset for pocket scrapbooking. I was given a bunch of pieces from someone who had too many, and once in awhile I add them to a layout. The "so funny" tab at the top prompted me to use this one for my journaling.

I hope you'll join us over at CSI this month!
Thanks for popping by and checking out my page today!


Jacynthe said...

Such a sweet layout, Vivian. Both the page and the memories. I love how you divided your page in separate blocks, and embellished each one differently. The little booklet is really neat, and a fun way to hide the journaling as well. You were a real cutie ☺. Really nice work on the title letters, and good for you embracing a bit of messiness. I still struggle with that myself. TFS. ♥

Debbi Tehrani said...

LOVE your story and your page. Love the mix of papers and the quadrant design and the little flap that opens to reveal the story, and how cute were you!