Sunday, January 11, 2009

It was a guys night out.....

last night. Richard took Ethan to an Attack game - our local junior hockey team. It's rare that they get time alone together, so we made it a surprise for Ethan too - he still had no idea where they were going until they got there. After they got to their seats, the prize manager asked Ethan if he wanted a better seat. Of course he said YES, so they were moved to the VIP section and got to sit in the nice HUGE leather chairs right by our home teams entrance. Here they are and a few more pictures from the game :

The last pic is of Ethan and the prize manager. Ethan came home with a sore belly for all the food that he was given, plus gift certificates to the Brick!! It was a late night, but they had such a good time!

I finally finished Breaking Dawn - the last book in the Twilight series. I loved the way that it ended, but now I can't help but want more!! There's so many more stories that could be told. I really hope Stephenie considers writing another book in this series. In the meantime, I'm re - reading the last 3rd of the book; it was my favorite part. I can't wait to get the movie - nobody call me on March 21st, I have a date with Edward and Bella!!

The sneek peek of Sweet Pea Scraps Febuary's kit is up - and it's awesome!! I can't wait to get this one in the mail! You should go have a look!

Have a great Sunday!


Nicole said...

How fun for them! He looks like he had a great time.
I really would love her to finish Midnight Sun. And I agree with you she could do so many side stories off the main books.

Krissy H said...

These look like some awesome scrap pages in the making!!