Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Milestone Was.....

reached in our household:

ERICA zipped up her own coat today!! She definitely earned a high five for that one! It's hard to believe that she's almost 4 now. She's growing up so fast, sometimes I miss the baby days. But with each new thing that she learns to do by herself, it gets easier.

I'm now halfway through Breaking Dawn & am still enthralled with the series. It just may become my new favorite...and that's saying a lot since I've been in love with Diana G's Outlander series for so long. Stephenie Meyer is such an amazing author.

Today I finished a colour challenge in the week that it was posted!! It's been awhile since that happened! Loved the colours and I thought of these silly pics of Ethan as soon as I saw these papers :

Guess that's all for now - Have a great night!

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