Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just a little toot.....

for me....Basic Grey added my "Vision" page to their gallery last week! It's just a little thing, but they are very selective!

Also, the dining room is well on it's way - only one more sand and then we can prime, paint and wallpaper. Here's a little photo of what's going on my wall opposite the window :

What do you think? Too bold? Maybe a bit, since the ceilings are now ten feet high. But, it goes really well with the red colour in the kitchen, and it's only one wall. Plus, I really love it!! I'll take some pictures when it's up.

My Dad is mixing a paint to match the background colour of the wallpaper and we're going to repaint the "fugly" (thanks, Stephanie for my new favorite word) panelling in the living room to freshen it up until we have the funds to reno that room too. I can't wait to just get the house CLEAN again. Sigh. Reno-ing sucks.

Have a great night!

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