Friday, June 11, 2010

My {real} Reality.....

Recently, Stephanie blogged about this on her blog. At the end of her post, she challenged us to do the same. So I am, and in turn, I am challenging you to try it as well. I really believe it will be freeing to admit that everything might not be perfect in your life. I have done something like this before via a challenge on Facebook, so I think I'll just repost that note, with some additions here :

25 Random Things About Me
  1. I am terrified of the dark so there's always a light on somewhere at night.
  2. I sleep with earplugs because I'm a really light sleeper, and any little noise will wake me up. This does not help with item #19.
  3. I love cooking, but hate cleaning up.
  4. I love to wear heels, but only do so once a week.
  5. I quit smoking almost 11 years ago & I am very glad that I did. I have three children who need me more than I need to smoke. That was my good reason and remains so today. I never want to start that bad habit again.
  6. I hate it when people chew with their mouths open. This includes gum. That's rude and gross to watch and/or listen to.
  7. I hate it when people sniff their snot instead of using a Kleenex. That's rude and gross to listen to.
  8. I am slightly obsessed with scrapbooking. I think about it a lot, but less now that I'm on a bit of a hiatus. I hope one day to be on another design team or published in a magazine. Or, maybe someday both will happen. That would be nice.
  9. Sometimes I still miss high school, even though it was a weird and confusing time of my life.
  10. Sometimes I wish I was single and childless. This sounds extremely selfish, but this is how I feel somedays.
  11. I went to college to be a computer programmer, but I could care less about it now.
  12. I hate that I have to work to provide the kind of education I want for my children. I wish that our government supported every school, regardless of which worldview they teach from.
  13. I love to sing, but in church, the van and at home only.
  14. I want to visit Scotland someday. Currently my sister and I have plans to visit when I turn 40. That's 5 years from now - I'm really looking forward to this!
  15. Until very recently, I had 10 warts on my hands and 5 on my feet. The ones on my hands are gone now, but not the feet ones. They don't bother me much.
  16. I really wanted to have another baby, and am secretly (although not anymore I guess) very angry that my husband said no. This is getting easier to deal with as time goes on.
  17. I cannot stand to have doors open. I am always closing my closet and cupboard doors. I will get out of bed to close a door or drawer in my room. This also does not help with item #19.
  18. I wear my jeans at least 3 times each before throwing them in the laundry. I think this habit is leftover from when I was growing up.
  19. It takes me anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes to fall asleep. I hardly ever sleep well. I average about 6 hours of sleep a night and therefore I am tired all the time.
  20. I love fresh flowers in my kitchen, but I only buy them when they are on sale.
  21. I have 2 huge mugs of coffee every morning, but not when I'm traveling. I have the world's smallest bladder.
  22. I brush my teeth EVERY time I leave the house. If I don't or forget, I feel dirty for the rest of the day. I think this is leftover from when I was smoking.
  23. Most days I am bored out of my skull.
  24. I love history. In particular, I love antiques (even more particularly, chairs)and always wonder what the story is behind the furniture.
  25. Someday, I'd love to be a professional decorator. It's a bit of a pipe dream, but a dream nonetheless.

Does any of this list surprise you? It surprised me a bit too! But it's real and that's me. Hope you have a great day!


stephanie howell said...

these are quirky and oh so interesting! thanks for sharing!xxo

Jenn :) said...

very very cool. :) I love getting that little insight. And I am with ya on a few of them. :) What a great blog topic..I think I might have to do that too! :)