Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting Ready.....

for another fun filled camping trip. My sister and I and our families meet every year at a Provincial Park that is about halfway between our homes and we camp. This year we're going here. It's always fun and this year my youngest brother, his wife and their little guy are coming too! The more the merrier I say.

The reno has once again stalled because I'm not an electrician. So, it's not going to be done in four weeks like I planned. But it better be done before school starts again because I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. DO. THIS. ALL. SUMMER. LONG!!! Do you sense the frustration at all? It will all be better in the end is becoming my mantra. But I gotta say 5 people living in 400 square feet less than normal is starting to wear a little thin. I realized that I have not posted any kind of picture in awhile, so here's some of my faves from this reno we've got goin' on :

My DS giving a hand tossing out the ceiling.

The living room walls filling up the bin.

Cleaning up the mess. Normally, I look better than this.

My living room last week. This explains the lovely look above.

The reason for my angst, as this is how we're living right now.
Have a good one.

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