Thursday, September 2, 2010

When it rains.....

it pours!

The reno is moving along - this week we put in carpet and are slowly refurnishing the room as time and energy permits. Next week the trim is going up & then the room will officially be done!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness it's almost over!

I have made sure that the one piece that is in the living room is my desk - and a new (to me) one at that! I found it in my Dad's barn and have painted the top to match the darkest colour in my dining room wallpaper. Here's the before and after (well, after one coat anyways, but you get the idea).

Since we're not totally finished yet, I'll save the after pic of the living room for later.

So, since my creativity can now be released, I've made another page. I have had LOTS of time to think about the pages I'm going to do over the summer and this is just one.

Literally, we heard those dreaded words over and over again on the way to camping this year. Since it was a perfect fit for the theme of the page, I used the July Paper Poppy Main kit and Liz Qualmans August Paper Poppy Sketch for this one.

Off to keep on going with the living room, have a great day!

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