Thursday, October 6, 2011

An update, dreaming & something scrappy.....

Just quickly - my hubby and I are doing well. I think that this is the closest that we've ever been in the 20 years that we have been a couple. We've grown up a lot in the last month & I think we really needed to.

Now on to some dreaming.

So lately I’ve been dreaming about owning my own business. I know that it would be something scrappy, but I’m just not sure whether or not I should have a store, or a kit club.

Having a store means crazy hours and a very high chance of failing. That’s not something that I want to have happen – if I’m going to own a business, I want it to be a success.

Owning & running a kit club keeps me working out of my home, while still allowing me to work outside of it. But, the market is saturated with them, don’t you think? I’m not sure that a new club would be unique enough to work in the long term.

But I still dream of doing something with this passion (obsession) of mine; something for myself. Perhaps the place to start would be to try out for another design team or get serious about being published.

Any thoughts or advice to give, scrappy friends?

Onto the sharing.

I’m still being inspired by colour & the fabulous girls over at CCG.

These next few LOs showcase some of the pictures that Stacy took for my family on our Niagara Falls 40th anniversary/ Family reunion weekend.

My DS being his silly, cheeky self. It took forever for him to cooperate with Stacy so we could get this sweet shot. However, that smile and those freckles will take him far, I think. =D

I loved this combo - the colours were just so striking together. My ODD turned 12 (that’s right, TWELVE) the day before this picture was taken, and I wanted to document how I felt about the years going by so quickly. When I really think about it, in FOUR short years she’s going to be starting to drive…..I’m not ready for that.

More from our trip to Niagara Falls. I went on the SkyWheel with the kids despite the fact that I’m terrified of heights. Yay, me! But I’m not doing it again. I can proudly say though that I took the picture of the Canadian side of the Falls while we were at the top.

And more from the Niagara Falls photo session - love these guys!!

Have a great weekend!

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