Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm on a Roll !!!

I'm finally feeling like the dry spell might be over - my 3rd page in a month?? WHAT?

Anyways, here's the latest case from Color, Stories, Inspiration - isn't it great? These colours are some of my favorites!

Here's my layout :

And here's how I solved the case :


All the colours are there. The photos make the red look more orange, but IRL, they are very very close. Consistently dull weather here in Ontario isn't helping much either. While I liked the sketch, I found that the subject of this page didn't work well with it.

Stripes - blue patterned paper
Food - a stretch maybe, but I'm counting the silverware on the left side of the page for this clue
Animals - the foxes on the title tag
Pleats - red patterned paper on the right
Transparent Stuff - clear tag on the title tag
Fabric - the date tag is made of a jean-like fabric

Journal about a meal

This page isn't really about a meal per say, rather it documents my feelings about how little time we're spending around the table eating meals together as a family. The journaling is as follows:

when i was a kid, almost every meal was eaten around the kitchen table. the six of us ate dinner together just about every night. my dad started each meal with a prayer of thanksgiving and ended them with a time of family devotion.
this table - purchased second hand almost 20 years ago when we were young and full of dreams.
this table - so many stories and meals and so many memories created together around it.
this table - fewer and fewer meals are being eaten at it as a family of five - someone is leaving for college soon, another one working, and evening activities seem to be taking up this precious time together.
i miss being here - around this table.
february 5, 2017

Here's some detail shots :

This photo shows the title work. The little card with the foxes is actually from the packaging of a bookmark I bought last year. Those foxes are so super cute and just the right colours, so I couldn't resist using it on this layout. I love it when non-scrapbooking items that I am inspired by are able to be part of my pages.

This is the little cluster at the top left hand side of the page. I fussy cut the flowers out and stacked them using some pop dots to add dimension. I tried to make sure that all the colours in the combo were in this cluster as well.

This photo is showing the pleating on the right hand side of the page. I actually used 2 strips of paper, hiding the seam under the photo.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my page today!


Debbi Tehrani said...

I spot a Star Witness award in the near future! LOVE your journaling, Vivian! Beautiful photo of your special table. Love the little torn piece tied with twine, and how perfect are those utensil embellishments. The pleating is a sweet detail. Your layouts are always so beautiful and meaningful! So happy to have you playing at CSI! Always a joy to see your layouts!

Nicole said...

Wow! Keep the layouts coming. Such great work here.

Стокли said...

Wow! and then again WOW! this page must be so cool in real life, with all these details and tableware. And I really like that your card has the same colors as strips under the photo.

Unknown said...

I so agree with all you said! It is so true! Fabulous journaling! Love the use of the tableware and the pleating! Thanks for sharing!

Kylie gW said...

Such an elegant, finely detailed, skilled page! WOW. Love love love that you decided on the black and white photo over a colour one. It really makes a difference. LOVE your page!

Debbie Standard said...

Fabulous page - love the folded papers with brads - so cool!

The Scrapbooker's Confetti Box said...

Now this is what CSI is all about, the story, the Testimony, the journaling and you have kicked it out of the park. love all the little details and both a lovely story but in some ways a sad one. Thanks for joining us at CSI