Friday, November 21, 2008

Still Waiting.....

So, my December kit hasn't come yet. Disappointing, because I'm so excited to get started & I have all my LO's planned in my head. However, I did play with the November kit this week, and I finished up this LO yesterday:

This is my hubby and I on our 11Th anniversary. Good friends of ours happened to get married on that day, and Richard was the best man. So not only did we get to get away to Niagara Falls for a kid free weekend, we now get to celebrate our anniversary every year with 2 awesome people!!! I've been saving that LUCKY card since April just for this LO - hoping that we'd get some nice pics at the wedding. Their photographer Stacy was gracious enough to shoot some pics. Her work is awesome!! As a gift for our friends I finally finished up these (more pics from Stacy here) :

Of course, the making these LO's totally necessitated the purchase of the entire Ambrosia line..... =D After we checked out the price of having custom frames made ($80 + EACH!!! *gasp*) hubby helped me make some shadow box frames for them. I think they turned out OK & our friends liked them too. I was glad for that, because I worried they wouldn't like them.

Choir practice went well last night, we have to learn a total of eight (yep, that's right *8*) songs. The choir leader said that this will be the whole service, so now even more pressure is on!!!

We got more snow overnight & I hate it. I'm now going to be cold for the next 6 months. I hate winter and shoveling. I suppose if I skied I'd feel better about it, but that would require being active & I wouldn't want that..... I might be inclined to break out the skates once or twice this year, though, since the kids really like to skate.

Well, fingers crossed that my kit comes today; I don't have to work this weekend, so that gives me lots of time to sit & play!!

Have a great weekend, all!!


Nicole said...

Well I'm hoping your kit came. Stinks that it's getting to you so slowly. I love your layouts Vivian and that one of you and hubby is just precious.

Julie B said...

Absolutely LOVE those pages!!!! You do such incredible work girlfriend :) I hope you get your kit on Monday :)