Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I did it.....

here it is - my first post on my brand new blog.

I have started it because I was recently named a 2009 DT member for
Sweet Pea Scraps an awesome kit club that I adore!! Everyone else on the team has one, so I felt the pressure... Just kidding. =D I want to be able to document this exciting time in my life & I know that there's going to be stuff that I'll forget (I blame my Momnesia for that). I'll also probably post about my regular everyday life with hubby, kids, my job & maybe even share a LO or two if I can figure out how to add a picture here.

I suppose I should explain the title a bit - it's not gross, just a play on a nickname that I've been stuck with forever. My husbands name is Richard, but his friends call him Ichy. Because I'm married to the guy, I'm stuck with Mrs.Ichy or sometimes Scratchy. (those who watch the Simpsons should recognize where that comes from)

I'm excited to say that I have a brand new nephew - Aydon Austin!! He arrived a week ago, and while I haven't held him yet (because he lives 8 hours away), he sure is a cutie patootie!! I'm for sure going to be making a LO or two about him! His mom Christine, says that he's a good baby & she and my brother Jon and Aydon are adjusting well to being a family. I remember those days & how tiring babies could be.

Tonight is choir practice at my church - we're singing a cantata(a series of songs with readings in between) for Christmas but the timing is important, so we're spending twice as much time getting ready for it. I sing soprano, so I worry about being able to hit those high notes. I can't read music so it's important for me to stand next to someone who's singing the same part as I am. My oldest daughter Renee is going to be singing a little solo in the middle of it with the choir, and I'm looking forward to that!! She's excited about it too.

So now I'm going to go see if my December kit has come today & hopefully I'll be able to play for awhile before heading out to go to work! Have a great day, all!!


AbbieTorroll said...

Wahoo!! So glad you are on the blog bandwagon!! He he he!

Jenn aka boysmama said...

yay!! Good to see you have a I can stalk it. :) tee hee