Monday, August 10, 2009


a few minutes of peace and quiet. This week is VBS week, but at a different church (not our own) and in the evening! They are feeding my kids supper (at 5pm) and doing the program (until 7:30 pm) after that. Unique eh? I'm loving it! This is usually what I like to call the "witching hour" where everyone is starting to get hungry, cranky and tired, but it's not supper or bedtime know what I mean.

I say thank goodness for VBS - it's saving my sanity!!!

Also, it's Happy Birthday to my buddy boy Ethan today - he's now big number 9!! Only one year to go until he's in double digits too!! Time just keeps flying along, sigh.

We went to the (outdoor) wedding on Saturday and had a blast in spite of the constant rain!! But here's my guilty secret : I (the scrapbooker) did NOT take my camera (forgot it, really) and I did NOT take one picture. And I LIKED it!!!!! It was fun to go to a wedding and just go! I flirted with my hubby, danced a few dances and slept in with no little feet thumping to wake me up!! We need to do that again sometime soon!!

Have a great night!

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