Sunday, December 7, 2008


done!! Woo Hoo!! I went out yesterday & braved the "festive" Christmas shopping crowds and managed to get most of it done. I forgot to get one thing, so I have to go back again, but I have plenty of time. While I didn't get a huge pile of presents, I tried to pick things that suit each one of our kids. I always worry a bit about whether or not the kids will like what I picked, but I think I did OK this year.

Tonight I'm finishing up my LO for my first Sweet Pea Vine challenge. The challenges can be just about anything - a sketch, a word, a colour or a technique, and there's a new one every week. Plus, everyone that completes a challenge gets their name put into a draw for the monthly prize! You don't need to be a subscriber to complete the challenges, either! Here's a peek at last months prize :

If you've never played with us, you should check it out!!! It just might help you to break out of your box!!

Have a great night all!!


Nicole said...

lucky you! i wish i was almost done. lol! can't wait to see your challenge layout:)

Mireille said...

just saw your comment on two peas.. you missed Sinterklaas.. now I see your name and I am kinda figurin' your dutch??