Friday, December 5, 2008


snow day today. Who'da thunk it? Have I mentioned how much I hate winter and the inevitable snow shoveling that goes with it?? Oh well, that means no watching the clock today, and I don't have to get out of my PJ's if I don't want to (and I really don't!! =D).

We got the tree up & I finished decorating it yesterday. The kids helped by decorating the bottom half. I have to say that I think it looks pretty good - what do you think?

Now I just have to finish decorating the rest of the house. I'm not really a decorating person, mostly I don't think about it at all, but this year I'm hosting Christmas dinner for my side of the family, so I think it should look a little Christmas-y for that day.

We had another choir practice last night (in spite of the horrible weather), and I think it's finally starting to come together! It's going to be beautiful.

Ethan's class at school is reading this book as a group. Last night I saw a commercial for the movie!! It opens December 19Th, so hopefully it will come to our city & we'll be able to go see it. I actually read the book yesterday & it's a really cute story. The author of the book also wrote Because of Winn Dixie. I really like her style of writing, because it gets the reader thinking, which is good for kids.

This weekend I'm hoping to finish all my Christmas shopping; I'd say I'm 75% finished. It'll be a record for me if I do get it done, I'm almost never finished this early!!

Well, I'm off to tackle the mountain of laundry and then maybe I'll actually do some scrapping today!! Have a great weekend all!

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Nicole said...

another snow day?! so how many of those do you have a year? maybe you should send me some since i was actually starting to miss it a little;)
beautiful tree!