Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turning into a Combo Queen.....

Recently, Jenn put out a DT call for her Etsy store & she asked if I would be a guest designer for the month of February. So, of course I said yes - 'cause her shop ROCKS (and Jenn's pretty cool, too ;D)!!!! I can't wait to see what the rest of her DT comes up with. Wonder of wonders, I also managed to fit in the Color Combo this week, AND I found a great sketch class over at Two Peas. So, I combined all three challenges into one page!!

This is Erica feeding the geese & ducks at the park last week Sunday. Not colours that I would normally put together, but after using them, I love them! I also love the way that Jenn's journaling tags and calenders look all layered up like that - I think I'll be trying that again!

On Monday I went to City Hall to pay my latest parking ticket. Yep, got another one on Saturday, but this one really hurt!! NEVER EVER park in front of a fire hydrant, it'll cost ya sixty bucks!!! (yep that's right - $60) Oh, I'm so MAD at myself!!! On an up note, I asked the person who took my payment if I could have the actual ticket back. Even though she's not supposed to let me have it, I got it and I think I might make a page about it that silly or what?? =D

Have a great night!


Krissy H said...

You should also get a pic of the Hydrant that was blocking a good parking space too! :D It will most certainly be an interesting page!!


see you some time soon I hope!

Julie B said...

Love the layout of Erica!!! Sorry about the ticket though :(

Nicole said...

Ouch! Sixty dollars for a parking ticket. Chalk that up to experience;) Really like your layout Vivian. The colors and placement of everything is great.

Debbi T said...

What a gorgeous page! I just love how you used that BasicGrey!