Sunday, February 1, 2009


can't believe this one!! Julie passed this on to me :

Isn't that sweet?? I guess the rules are that you're supposed to link up 5 blogs, and pass the award on. I'm sure that all of blogs that I'm mentioning here have been nominated before, but I'll bite :

1. Jenn - so I KNOW that she's been nominated before, (so you get off the hook for playing again Jenn) but I love going to Jenn's blog to read her posts. It's guaranteed that she'll use the word "Dude" or "Stellar" somewhere in each one. Plus she has a way cool Etsy shop that has such awesome stuff - it almost makes me want to write on a layout (almost...)!!!

2. Nicole - her pages just rock! I particularly love how she makes her own floral embellishments - they are so pretty!!

3. Abbie - love her work too! She makes layering look super easy - wish I could do that!

4. Jana - I want to be Jana when I grow seriously! Her LOs are always beautiful - she's so super talented!

Hmmm, what to put for #5?? Instead of linking another blog (*gasp*) I'm just going post the links for a few of my favorite challenge sites :

Have a great Sunday & why not challenge yourself today!!!!


AbbieTorroll said...

I just came over to check out your blog and say "hello"! You totally deserve that award:) Your pages always ROCK!! Thanks so much for passing it on to me! Wahoo!

Jenn aka boysmama said... are so sweet!! *giggle* I am SO trapped somewhere in time aren't I?? tee hee YOU ROCK...and I love your stuff. And I'm SO posting that card soon's says DUDE of course!! :) Have a stellar day!!

Jana Eubank said...

Oh, my gosh! Vivian, you crack me up! Thanks for the compliments and the award.

Are you kidding me?! I have to stalk the Sweet Pea Gallery every month to see all the amazing creations you gals knock out every month! Thanks for inspiring ME! ;)