Monday, March 9, 2009

One Week.....

until March Break!! A whole week of sleeping in and doing whatever - I can't wait!! Hubby has taken the whole week off too, so I'm looking forward to some "quality family time". We have plans to go visit the Ontario Science Centre at least one day. Because it's just a little bit more money than a one time visit, I think we might even get a year long family pass so that we can come back in the summer again sometime.

In spite of the cold and snow that we got overnight again, spring is defiantly coming!! So far we've smelled the skunks twice (Ewww), the birds are starting to sing, and the flies are literally coming out of the woodwork - it's gross really, but true.

So, I pre-ordered my copy of the Twilight movie!! They say there isn't going to be enough copies of it around so I gotta make sure I finally get to see the movie - and I'm so excited! I'm following in Nicole's footsteps and turning my girlfriends into Edward maniacs. We've made plans for a girls movie night on the release date - no hubbies, no kids - just so we can enjoy Edward in all his lovely Edward-ness.....sigh. Sad isn't it?? =D

This coming Saturday I'm taking an all day first - aid course. It's time to get it updated, it's been a very long time (high school I think) since I did it, plus it's a requirement for my bus driving job.

Saturday is also Erica's 4th birthday - how'd that happen so darn fast?? Wasn't she just a baby? Sigh. She starts school in 6 months; so with that in mind, I created this on the weekend for Color Combo #112 :

That's us this past Friday, enjoying a quiet afternoon together. Even she's saying it lately : "it's so quiet now"! I'm going to miss that everyday. I thought that I was ready for her to go, and some days when you ask me I for sure am, but really, it'll be weird when she does start to go. Sigh.

If you get a chance, you should stop by the March gallery because, once again, the Sweet Pea Girls have rocked the kit!! There's always so much inspiration to be found there!

Have a great day!


ali said...

Gorgeous LO, Vivian! Kids grow up too fast don't they? My baby is 2 1/2 already, possibly too old to call a baby. But he is my baby! Enjoy your break.

Nicole said...

Yes they grow really fast, it's awfully sad during the day when you are home all alone.

So glad I brought you over to the dark side. Edward . . . be still my heart:)

Lovely layout girl!