Tuesday, June 2, 2009


blogger, bad blogger!!!!!! I've been so lazy not posting lately, my apologies to you all.

OK, so first, I gotta ask, have you SEEN the New Moon Trailer???? Oh. My. Goodness. November cannot get here fast enough. From the little sneak peek they show, I think this movie will be even better than Twilight. Sigh. If you haven't seen it yet, you can see it here.

And, here's my last few projects with the June kit :
This is my best friends little guy & I plan on framing it for her :

And, more cards! Who knew that cardmaking could be so much fun? I'm loving having different types on hand ready to go.

Otherwise, it's the same busy-ness as usual around here. The kids church groups are finished for the summer, but now we have soccer and baseball(both hubbys games and Ethans games) instead. And they are on the same night. At opposite ends of the city. At the same time. Yeah. Fun times. So, because I still cannot split myself into 4 different people (a talent that God has chosen not to give to me) I changed the days that I work again, so that we can get the kids where they need to go. The last two Tuesdays I have frozen my butt of at the side of a soccer field. But, in a few weeks, I'll be sweating buckets, so that'll be fun. Who decided that summer sports was a good thing again? ;)

Just 3 weeks left and then summer vacation starts.......

Also, in about 2 weeks, my brother is getting married, so I'm really looking forward to that trip. I've never been out to the Maritimes, so I'm so excited to go! Monica and I have cancelled the trip to PEI though, too far and too expensive to go for half of a day. So, we'll do that province together another time!

Take a minute and have a peek at the June gallery over at SPS! Have a great day all!

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AbbieTorroll said...

TOTALLY loved what you did with the kit this month girl!!!! lovely as always and YES I am excited about New Moon!! :)