Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Not Ready Yet.....

for this trip to Halifax. I leave on Thursday morning - yep that's right, Thursday. That's less than 2 days away. The suitcase is open on my bedroom floor, but nothing's in it yet. I guess I should decide what I'm taking eh? In spite of what you may be thinking, I really am looking forward to the trip, this is just how I roll. Leave it to the last minute as much as I can!! =D

I got my July kit in the mail on Tuesday, and it's fab!!! I have one single page LO and one double page LO almost done. But. I have run out of the one essential thing for scrapbooking - adhesive!!!! Duh. I really don't know how I managed that one! Anyways, it'll have to wait until I get back now.

I'll "see" you all on Wednesday!

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